Secret Passage, passaggio segreto

This artwork describes a brief journey to discover an abstract location, in the earth depths of a concrete city.

The video, inspired by the PC graphic adventures -as for example “Myst”- leads us in a short journey through the city of Genoa.

Through Google map we discover a door inside a gallery.

From Google’s cyber-reality we are thrown in the moving images’ realism.

Passaggio Segreto

Proceeding just like in a game, the journey will let us enter in one of the eldest elevator of the city (Castelleto di Ponente elevator), giving us the sensation of penetrating within the earth guts towards an unknown destination. At the end of the journey, unlike the expectations, we arrive in front of an image recalling both the marine origin of the city and man Ray’s 1928 film “L’Etoile de Mer”, where the sea star was symbolic of beauty.    This video is presented in a box, in other words within a viewer as the one figured, with a porthole evoking again a marine symbolism. The whole artwork refers to a Chinese box game, where the very same elevator becomes a box and a viewer.